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Interior Doors for
Residential Sector

All KASSA doors are fabricated and equipped with front and back panels consisting of ABS sheets for all sectors. We specialize in tailor made doors to suit the exact dimensions as per customer's requirement. Key advantages - 100% waterproof and termite proof along with 10 years free replacement for all its claims thus providing solution to combat potential door problems.


Specialized Door for
Healthcare Sector

We take utmost care of all minute factors while manufacturing KASSA Doors for Hospitals since it is used in sensitive areas such as Ward Rooms, Toilets, Operation Theatre, ECHO rooms, CT Scan Rooms and X Ray rooms. We have proven to be specialised in manufacturing and assembling uniqueanti-microbial doors suitable for Healthcare Industry, especially in Operation Theatre and IVF Rooms and our client list speaks about our achievements


Doors for Commercial
and Educational Sector

We have a wide range of models and colours along with customizable vision panel. KASSA doors are pre - fabricated to size in our factory to facilitate easy & fast installation on site We provide maintenance free and long lasting warranted doors for all Commercial & Educational establishments.


Customized Designer Doors

We give customer the opportunity to design their own doors with the use of steel strips, glass inlays to suit their requirements.

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ABS Doors

The Company is in the process of introducing the concept of Pre-Hung Doors. The concept is set to save lot of time during installation as the Door is already fixed in the Frame in the Factory and dispatched in a ready-to-fix condition.

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KASSA Main Doors

With huge demand from customers. The Company has started making specialized Main doors to match KASSA interior doors so that the customer is able to get the complete package .

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