About us

BINS INTERNATIONAL is an Indo-Korean venture specialized in manufacturing KASSA Smart ABS Doors. BINS takes pride in being the first to bring the ABS Smart Door Technology to India. The Company has made conscious efforts to adopt the latest Korean Technology for manufacturing ABS smart doors and to import time-tested quality Raw Materials of Korean origin to make their products.

Our South Korean Principles viz Younglim Forestry Co Ltd., are the largest manufacturer of ABS Doors and a market leader in South Korea. The ABS Door Technology is widely accepted across the Globe for more than 20 years and is an ideal solution for all interior Doors. The ABS Doors are eco-friendly and is a perfect replacement for traditional Wooden, Flush, Skin and Membrane Doors.

BINS has a well-equipped manufacturing facility fitted with latest Korean Machines, which are at par with European Standards, to carry out their production activities. The facility has an installed capacity of more than 5,000 Doors and 3,000 Windows a month with easy scalability at short notice.

The factory is strategically located near Chennai; making use of the Air and Seaport Facilities of Chennai.

BINS has its head office located in Chennai with a Branch Office in Bengaluru. The Company has appointed several Dealers and Channel Partners across India. BINS has plans in the pipeline to set-up manufacturing facilities in other parts of India as well.

Our vision:

To be the Leader in providing high quality trouble-free Door and Windows solutions at affordable and transparent prices.

Our mission:

To bring to India, the globally tested Eco-friendly Technology in the manufacture of Doors and Windows.

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