What is ABS ?

ABS is a copolymer made by Polymerizing styrene and acrylonitrate in the presense of Polybutadine. In short the expansion of ABS is AcrylonitrateButadine Styrene.

Where ABS is used?

It is used in manufacturing LapTop, Mobile, Telephones, Helmets, Luggage Suitcases, Car bumpers, Car Dash boards,Baby Toys Etc.

Why is ABS used to make Doors?

ABS is light in weight ,non toxic, Eco friendly recyclable hygienic product. It has got higher impact Strength, resistance to moisture, humidity. ABS is 100% water proof material and with the special extrusion technology it gives high class finishing look, and flexibility, ideally suitable for Doors.

What are the Benefits of ABS doors?

Light weight, High resistance to any kind of weather. It is 100% water Proof, Termite Proof, thermal efficient . Highly durable with high impact strength. No polishing and painting is required. Very low maintenance cost with the energy saver. Thanks to the extrusion technology which gives the flexibility to have more designs, colours and high class finishing Look.

Is it possible to make Any Size?

All our doors are tailor made to the customers size having a maximum size of 8ft x 4ft.

Do we get our choice of colour and designs?

Kassa Doors provide a big range of colors and designs.

Do we get frames to match the door colour?

Yes, we have exact color and grained door frames to match the door.

Do you supply Hinges?

Yes, Our hinges are Unique and ideally designed for Kassa Smart Doors.

What is Unique in KASSA Hinges?

Our KASSA Hinges can be screwed on directly to the Door and frame without grooving. Where as the hinges at present in the market need to have groves made on Door and Frame to accommodate the hinges.

Do you Supply Handles with Lock?

This is optional to the customer.

KASSA Smart ABS Doors are Water Proof?

Yes, It is Water Proof, Our Kassa Smart ABS Doors are designed and made as per Korean Standard and Technology which is used widely throughout the world. The design and technology of the construction is specially made for Water Proofing of Doors.

Any maintenance required for KASSA smart ABS Doors?

No, Absolutely Not. The Speciality of the door itself is NO MAINTANANCE REQUIRED. Thanks to the Korean Technology.

Will the top film comes off?

No. Top Film is Thermally attached at the time of Excrution of ABS sheet. So it does not peel.

How your doors are stronger when they are light in weight?

This is due to the Korean Technology, The Selection of Raw Materials and the Construction of Door Design is designed to make Door strong and Light in weight.

why is honeycomb widely used as a filler instead of wood?

Due to timber shortage (Tree cutting banned by the government ).The best alternative is Honeycomb which is widely used throughout the world due to its thermal insulation property, Eco friendly, light weight and excellent compression strength.

Why is Honey Comb used inside the ABS Doors? What are its advantages?

Honey Comb Technology is widely used throughout the world to increase the strength and impact resistance of the product. We use this technology to increase and Strength and Impact resistance.

What is the Thickness of the Shutter that KASSA Smart ABS Doors Provide?

We can make from 32mm,35mm thickness

What makes the KASSA Doors Eco Friendly?

KASSA SMART TECHNOLOGY makes the door ECO FRIENDLY. We use all Recyclable Raw Materials to make of Door GO GREEN.

After installing the wooden frames, can KASSA Shutters be fixed on it?

Of course, yes. You can fix our Kassa Smart ABS doors like any other Door shutters in the market.

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