ABS Specialist Doors

ABS Specialist Doors

Our Products are also best suited for Hospitals because of many advantages our Smart ABS Doors possess, for example our Smart ABS Doors are 100% water proof, Energy Efficient, No Thermal Expansion, Termite Free, Moisture Resistant.

We have taken care of all minute factors while manufacturing Doors for Hospitals as it is used in Ward Rooms, Toilets, Operation Theatre, ECHO rooms, CT Scan Rooms and X Ray rooms.
It is very easy that CLAD sheets can be fixed on our doors.

KASSA offers customers the opportunity to use customized special ANTIMICROBIAL PVC Sheets in manufacturing doors suitable for Healthcare Industry, especially in Operation Theatre and IVF Rooms.  This special sheet, helps reduce bacteria significantly; which is a must in critical healthcare environment. 

Any Hardware's which are required especially for Hospitals can be fixed in our Smart ABS Doors without any hassle.

The Company is in the process of introducing the concept of Pre-Hung Doors.  The concept is set to save lot of time during installation as the Door is already fixed in the Frame in the Factory and dispatched in a ready-to-fix condition.

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