What is UPVC?

UPVC refers to Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. It is a type of a rigid and chemically resistant form of Poly vinyl chloride that is utilized for piping, making window frames, and other structures.

Why UPVC used for making window frames?

This is because of their basic qualities,UPVC Products Are strong, Energy Efficient, Eco friendly, recyclable. It require minimal maintenance, no painting, polishing or filling is necessary. No Anti termidetreatment,weather proof and water proof. Installation of UPVC windows are much easier and faster. These all properties make your windows a cost effective.

Why Should I use uPVC windows and doors rather than Aluminum or Timber?

uPVC has lot of inherent features as a material as well as design like Water Tight, Maintenance free, Sound Proof, Energy Saving

I live on busy main road can your windows reduce the traffic noise?

YES, our window system is designed for a double glazed unit, and with certain glass configurations we can achieve Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings of 44. We have installed our system into many buildings both domestic and commercial in order to all eviate noise problems such as traffic

What is the effect of Indian climatic condition on your uPVC profiles?

We the manufacturer of the window, has had their product on test in the extreme climatic conditions for over 30 years. Our product is resistant to ultra violet and is specially formulated to suit the Indian climate.

Where are the uPVC windows made?

Windows and doors are fabricated in our factory ( No.5, Arul Nagar Main Road, Kodungaiyur ) in Chennai. The raw material is imported from Germany.

Can I fit the windows myself?

Windows and doors arrive on site complete and ready to install. The installation of window/door is very important and need a proper knowledge of installation. Should you wish to carry out your own installation, then we will supply fitting instructions. Please follow the instructions strictly.

Are uPVC windows available in the same style as aluminum and timber?

uPVC is a versatile material to play with , it can suit to each of you design requirement. We also have our own innovative designs, which are constantly being updated. The usual styles, casement, fixed and sliders are all available using our uPVC system.

Do you offer a warrantee?

YES, we offer a 15 year warrantee on uPVC windows and doors (White color) against discoloration

What type of glazing do you offer with your systems?

Single / Double - as required. Glass options: Reflective, Tinted - Plain / Laminated / Toughned

Can I replace my existing windows with your uPVC systems?

Our uPVC windows and doors are ideal as replacement, or for new-build projects.

What kind of Hardware do you use?

We use imported Hardware. Single Point sourcing for complete window solution With 100% quality assurance.

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